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When Life isn’t Perfect


In spite of our best efforts…regardless of our intellect, problem-solving ability, preparation, prayer, and even faith, there are times in each one’s life that are simply crummy, hard, scary, world-shaking, world-crashing and/or completely confusing.  Suffering happens. We don’t even have to look for it.


But when it happens, we can be assured we are not alone in it.  We are not meant to be alone at those times when we hurt most and feel most vulnerable.



We believe strongly in the healing power of relationship and community, and we strive to make the Chapel a place where those who are in need feel welcome and can find support and guidance. We encourage you to join us for worship or contact our chaplain for one-on-one conversation. The list below includes resources we often share with people, as well as links to articles and resources that might be of help to you if you aren’t able to get together with us in person.



Please let us know if you do use something on this list and tell us if it was helpful so we can continue refining this resource!



Talking with a Chaplain:


Our Chaplain, The Rev'd Watson Lamb is here for you.  Call Fr. Lamb at 504-533-4916 or stop by on Monday - Thursday between 9:30 am and 5:30 pm. Please, call his cell if he is not in the chapel. The sign by the front doors has his number on it. On Sundays, our services are at 10 am with Book Study after. Thursdays at 6:00 PM during the academic year we have our student ministry and you can catch Fr. Lamb there. Come on over; you are welcome here.


Resources that may Help:


Tulane Uptown Campus Police (504) 865-5200


Tulane Counseling Services (504) 865-5113


Educational Resource Center (Counseling and Educational Help (504) 865-5113


Loyola Counseling Center (504) 865-3835

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